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  • Millennial’s Death Defying Act Brings Awareness to Major Cause

    Meet Nike (Knee-Kay) Ohonme, a millennial who chose to dedicate part of her summer to a Samaritan’s Feet (SF) mission trip where she and seven other volunteers served 500 local orphans and service men by washing their feet and distributing the (SF) World Shoe; and hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (the largest freestanding mountain in […] More

  • 4 Important Lessons for Entrepreneurs

    We are living in an era where entrepreneurship has become a trend. I am not saying that it is anything wrong with being trendy. However, as someone that has been in business for a while, I know that some people have developed misconceptions about business. One thing I can share with you from years of […] More

  • The Professional Entrepreneur

    How I am making the transition! Recently, I had the chance to speak with an aspiring entrepreneur who, like me, is still working a 9 to 5. He found a blog post of mine and reached out to solicit some advice.  Well, I was genuinely humbled and excited at the same time.  Our conversation was […] More

  • Creating Remarkable Moments in Business

    As I speak with entrepreneurs around the world. I get a sense that not everyone is aware of the power of this moment. In fact, my journey as an entrepreneur has been anything but easy. My business almost collapsed three times, I was mocked and scrutinized for my big thinking and I was even told […] More

  • Top Six Reasons Your Employer Does Not Train You

    One of the biggest failures Generation X has made is in communicating the value of the training and mentoring we have received.  We had it great in the ‘90s, but the situation has drastically changed!  Here are the top six real reasons why your employer doesn’t train you in anything worthwhile. 1.  You’ll leave If […] More

  • Networking to Network

    I get asked all the time if I thought that there was value in attending a specific networking event.  I sometimes answer yes, if I feel like the venue and those in attendance brought value to the time spent.  In most cases, I answer no and proceed to explain the issues with the way many […] More

  • Power in Female Negotiation

    When you reach the ranks of decision making in the company, the congratulatory advice starts to flow. You find yourself excited about the new opportunity to flex your experience and knowledge all the while, unsure of your ability to make the tough and right decisions. You can find tips and lists on being the best […] More

  • 5 Tips for Handling Vacation Finances

    God bless summer and the vacations that come with it! For many of us, summer equals frequent travel and increased spending; and whether you are traveling domestic or international, I want you to enjoy vacation with a financially sound mind. Below are some vacay tips that’ll keep you and your bank account happy! Set a […] More

  • The Eye of the Hurricane: Facing Problems Head-on

    It is always a treasure to hear someone you admire speak.  It seems like you learn more about them and more in a general sense.  I’d like to call people I admire from afar my “mental mentors.”  My joy came when the New York Times released their interview with entrepreneur Jay-Z taking place back on […] More

  • 5 Food Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram Now

    One industry that will never be extinct is the food industry. No matter what the occasion is, people will find a reason to eat. For years people have built empires around their love for the grub – whether that is starting a restaurant, creating cook books, or food products. Currently, some food entrepreneurs are even […] More

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