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  • BlackThat Launches Masterclass and Marketplace Hybrid System to Help Black Businesses Grow

    In most recent years, the Small Business Administration Bureau reported that African American small business owners increased in size year over year totaling 2.6 million, accounting for 10% of the approximately 27 million businesses in the U.S. Over 600,000 new black businesses open each year; however, over 400,000 black-owned businesses go out of business each […] More

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    Corporate America and the Black Millennial Man

    It’s no secret that the Black man is one of the great wonders of the world. Even with proven physical, intellectual and creative ability, challenges are inevitable for the Black man, especially in corporate America. With Black, Millennial men, challenges and successes come at different rates with unique opportunities attached. How does one do it?  […] More

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    How Rodney Gainous Jr. made $200,000 at 16 years old

    About three years ago, Rodney Gainous Jr. published a story about how the Twitter app he built in high school, Follow, reached 150,000 downloads in two years. In that article, he alluded to the even larger story about how he got into software. Well, here it is. Nine years ago today (wow!) Rodney got his first remote gig writing […] More

  • 10 Things We Are Grateful for This Holiday Season

    May The Gift Keep On Giving… Can you believe the year is almost ending?  Honestly, this year has been all over the place.  There has been so many crazy, wild, and bizarre things that has happened this year; it was difficult to keep focus.  However, the spotlight for positivity has been a focal point this […] More

  • How I Became A Brand Strategist and Film Producer

    There is a trend or movement, if you will, of dope millennials creating their own lanes and dominating multiple industries simultaneously. This is nothing new for Daniel P. Calderon, brand strategist and film producer. He gets honest and real about how he got to where he is and what it takes to continue progressing forward. […] More

  • Starting A Biz? Lawyer Desiree Talley, Teaches You How To Protect Yourself

    The legal aspects of starting a business is something that Millennial entrepreneurs of color aren’t discussing as much as we should. For some of us, we associate the legalities of starting a business complex, confusing, and quite frankly scary – far from the glamorous side of entrepreneurship that we see on social media. Nonetheless, knowing […] More

  • 4 Badass Benefits Of Waking Up Early

    Let’s be real honest. Everyone isn’t a morning person. But waking up early has proven positive results—including but not limited to being more optimistic, proactive, and productive on daily basis. And I’m not lying either. Some of the most successful people in our generation are known to get up earlier than the norm: Apple CEO Tim […] More

  • 4 Simple Ways to Stop Hating Your Job

    We talked with a few people from our Mogul Fam community about their current job status, and the people that reported hating their job said it was because one of the following: It’s boring It doesn’t pay enough Their boss is the devil in disguise Their role isn’t challenging or doesn’t speak to their passion […] More

  • The Millennial Marriage Pt. 1

    The millennial generation (defined as people born in the years ranging from mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s) is characterized as a group of young adults whom’s culture has shaped society as we know it. Depending on who you ask, millennials may be the key to our future, or its demise. One thing commonly believed concerning […] More

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