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  • What’s Your Money Personality?

    In order to better manage your money, it is important to understand the driving personality behind your financial decisions. Are you a Complicator, a Paper Chaser, a Contemplator, or a Money Monk? Knowing your money personality could help you to budget smarter, plan wiser, and feel less guilty about your spending habits.   Take the […] More

  • My Experience in Corporate America as A Millennial Mom

    Corporate women are thriving in the workplace, and we see a variety of them making major moves to pave the way for the next generation. For many women in the workplace, they are considered a double minority being a woman and of color. For myself, I was a triple minority. A woman, African-American, and college […] More

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    The Art of the 15-Minute Business Meeting

    Most of us have heard the saying “You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.” This phrase usually comes to mind whenever I am sitting in a meeting that is going on way too long or a meeting that could have easily been a short email exchange. Time is the one […] More

  • Here Is How To Turn Your Job Into A Career

    Growing up I always fell victim to my dad’s lecture about the things I should begin to consider as I got older. The lectures could range from everything under sun: girls, money, food, etc – you name it. One conversation that we always ran into was being able to identify the difference between the things […] More

  • The Multi-Hyphenated Millennial

    Millennials are a force of nature determined to live life on their own terms. Having multiple professions, in the past, was mostly necessary to make ends meet. No one in their right mind would willingly take on the stress of doing multiple jobs unless absolutely warranted for survival or to save for a grand occasion. […] More

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    Top Cities for Black Millennials in 2018

    2018 is looking to be one of the better years for African Americans…financially. The unemployment rate is at a record low of 6.8%, the lowest the government has seen among African Americans since it started keeping track in 1972. For 46 years this rate has not fallen below 7%. Increases in labor wages, a higher […] More

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    2018 is the Year of the Black Entrepreneur

    Back in 2015, serial entrepreneur/Hip-Hop mogul Dame Dash sat down with the Breakfast Club and encouraged Black people to take ownership over their work. Instead of being stuck in the same job for 25 years, Dash challenged anybody who heard the interview to fight for their worth. “I’m not going to fight for something I […] More

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    3 Reasons Why Pamela Capalad Should Be Your Next Brunch Date

    Pamela Capalad is a certified financial planner, accredited financial counselor, and founder of Pockets Change, Dead Day Job Army, and Brunch and Budget. Pamela was kind enough to chat with me about personal wealth, budgeting, and how the financial system affects people of color differently than it does everyone else.   1. Pamela is a […] More

  • Acorns: An app you might want to use

    Want to start investing but don’t know how? Start small. Acorns is the micro investing app that will take your spare change and start an investment account. They believe that anyone can grow wealth, and they show this by allowing their users to invest at their own speed with no minimum and no trade fees. […] More

  • 5 Ways Creatives Can Build Their Brand Between Jobs

    Being in a creative field is truly amazing considering we have the power to well…create.  We are writers, designers, photographers, videographers and so much more, but the downside to all of this creativity is that there are so many of us and not enough jobs. So what do we do in the meantime? We build […] More

  • 5 Ways to Stay Positive While Job Hunting

    As a professional job hunter, I know the struggle is real when it comes to landing a job…even an interview! There are many times where we feel like we have put in millions of applications with little to no return. I have had moments where I even scored the interview only to get an email […] More

  • Cover Letters: Do I Really Need One?

    I remember the days leading up to graduation like yesterday. I was stressed the hell out between the 3 F’s – but trust me, I’m thankful they didn’t directly pertain to my grades. My 3 F’s were family, finals and finding a job. I was stressed about my family coming to graduation and making all […] More

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