10 Things We Are Grateful for This Holiday Season

May The Gift Keep On Giving…

Can you believe the year is almost ending?  Honestly, this year has been all over the place.  There has been so many crazy, wild, and bizarre things that has happened this year; it was difficult to keep focus.  However, the spotlight for positivity has been a focal point this year.  And we appreciate everyone keeping that same energy.  As the holidays are upon us, there are some gifts of gratitude to be thankful for.

1.The Gift of Experiences – This year has proven Millennials enjoy experiences.  Whether that includes attending a concert with friends or speaking on a panel.  The satisfaction from an experience creates a lifetime memory.

2. The Gift of Travel – Millennials have increased their traveling participation.  The hottest destination this year seemed to be New Orleans and Cancun.  (This is speaking from a personal outlook via Instagram.)  Also, traveling with family encourages more ways to be grateful.

3. The Gift of Family – Although, Millennials love attending happy hour with their friends for Instagrammable moments, there is nothing like being about family. Honestly, who doesn’t want to their grandmother get drunk and sing karaoke?  As we get older, our family means more than any materialistic thing.  Our family is our biggest support system, and that encourages us to go further.

4. The Gift of Health – The thought process of not being thankful for good health and strength doesn’t exist amongst Millennials.  The realm of positivity, accountability, and the gym has kept Millennials on the aim to continue to grow better.  Which is why mental health has taken on an increased measure for being a necessity in our lives this year. Millennials are becoming “woke” to the things that influences our lives and we shall overcome.

5. The Gift of Love – #GoalsAF is a part of our social media influence and millennials are embracing that hashtag.  How many pictures have we seen this year that screams “I SAID YES!” Furthermore, who doesn’t love love?  Hold back the tears. Millennials are getting married y’all.

6. The Gift of Friends – Friends are family.  The more experiences we have throughout life, there is nothing like honest friends.  Let’s not forget how much our friends rise to support our never-ending endeavors.  And we still travel together, call each other, and meet up for happy hours.  So yassss to our second sister.

7. The Gift of Laughter – This year we have laughed continuously.  The new creation of memes on the Internet have kept us tickled.  Studies have shown laughter increase our chances of living longer.  Millennials laugh at the obvious and the constant screenshots of memes we post in our GroupMe.  Either way, laughter keeps up the positive mood.  Laughter allows our brains to relax and enjoy that moment.  A simple smile can go a long way, too.

8. The Gift of Professional Jobs – In all seriousness, if Millennials weren’t getting to the bag, a lot of the items listed above wouldn’t exist in this article.  Millennials have been granted the opportunity to take on some great roles in their profession.  This allows Millennials to learn how business works, create networking relationships, and have a chance to build outside the workplace.  Although, entrepreneurship is still the goal for most millennials, we are still satisfied with the comfort of having a professional job.

9. The Gift of Side-Hustles – Millennials have plenty of ways to earn extra income outside of their professional job.  And millennials are obsessed about learning new, innovation ways to create that outlet for themselves.  The gift of knowledge in knowing creativity goes recognized and valued is a way side hustling has become a reality.  Also, millennials are grateful for these opportunities, so they can come their own boss with their lifetime.

10. The Gift of Black-Owned Business – Can we get a clap for the opportunity for black-owned businesses this year?  They are flourishing, and millennials are captivated at this honor.  For year, black-owned businesses haven’t gotten the recognized deserved, but that changed this year.  Black-owned businesses have created a space for their products or services to be in the rankings alongside any other accredited business.  The gift of black-owned businesses gives hope to a community that has been needing a breakthrough as recognized business owners.

Written by Kayla

A Dallas-based influencer with insight on millennials’ money matters, entrepreneurial wisdom, and dope knowledge of all things beauty related.