25 Reasons Your Social Media Isn't Making Money

Using social media for business is one of those hot topics that every entrepreneur wants to know more about.  In my business, I am approached by small business owners who want to know, “what’s wrong with my social media?” or “I’m not making any sales, help!”.  During our social media audits we pin point where they’re going wrong and create and action plan to fix things, FAST!

The majority of the time, I see alot of the same mistakes and missed opportunities.  In this post I’ll share 20+ of those reasons, the reasons why your social media isn’t making money.  As you read through the list, determine if your making any of these mistakes on your business social media profiles.

  1. No one knows that your account exists.  You don’t mention it, you don’t promote it.  It’s the world’s best kept secret.
  2. Your profile picture is too dark, unprofessional, or is low quality.
  3. You haven’t created a optimized bio for your accounts, so you don’t appear in your ideal customers searches.
  4. Your profile doesn’t include a link.
  5. Your profile includes a link to a super general page with no place to capture key contact information or sell anything.
  6. Your profile link is a super long and looks a little suspect.
  7. The inappropriate pictures on your page that are not related to your business are too much for your potential customers, you’re scaring them away.
  8. Your images are low quality and grainy.
  9. You promote on your feed wayyy toooo much.
  10. You hardly ever provide valueable content around the products and services that you offer.
  11. When new people visit your profile they can’t determine what you do from your most recent 9 posts.
  12. The people you attract aren’t interested in your products or services.
  13. You don’t post consistently.
  14. You don’t post at all
  15. You only post when you’re selling something.
  16. You never offer any paid offers.
  17. You never offer anything free.
  18. You want to grow, but you don’t consistenly use 30 hashtags.
  19. You use 30 hashtags, but you don’t have a clear hashtag strategy to attract the RIGHT people.
  20. You follow way too many people who aren’t your ideal customers.
  21. You don’t interact with the profiles of your ideal customers.
  22. You don’t check your INBOX or Direct Messages
  23. You don’t respond to comments on your posts in a timely manner.
  24. You don’t interact with your current followers in an authentic way.
  25. You haven’t invested the time, money, or energy to learn the basic of social media for business.  (what’s up with that?)

I know, it’s alot.  More than likely you’re  only making a few of these mistakes with your social media.  Half of the battle is already won.  Now, go forth and fix what’s broken!

These common mistakes are the reason why I created the Mind Your Business – Social Media Planner.  I wanted to share the basics of social media for business with business owners JUST LIKE YOU!  In the guide you will learn the basics like when and what to post online as well as access to some of my absolute favorite social media tools that will save you tons of time and energy!


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Written by Brandi L. Spencer

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