3 Types of Mentors You Need to Boost Your Success

Having a mentor in a professional setting can put your career on the map while trying to climb the corporate ladder. It’s not only about your talent but who you know. Sometimes Millennials often think since we’ve graduated college and went into debt while doing so we should be handed those top paying jobs however there’s a twist. Having a mentor that will not only guide you but advocating for you will help lead you to that dream job. Having a mentor that will advocate for you puts their reputation on the line and if they are willing to do that just to help get you a promotion it adds a layer of trust between your mentor and the person hiring you. I know first hand what having a mentor can do to a career. I went from answering phones to running a department and developing a Multicultural Network within a fortune 500 company.

When seeking out a mentor it’s very important to understand the different types of mentors. There are many different styles of mentorship however in a business setting it’s important to have the following three types of mentors.

  1. A Sounding Board: This really should be a peer you trust to vent to not gossip. It’s totally ok if your facing issues at work we all do but why go home and vent to your friend or spouse when a co-worker will better understand your work problems.
  2. A Coach: This type of mentor will help you remain focused on the goal, in other words, keep you in check. This type of mentor should also be able to help you in areas you are lacking such as public speaking and facilitating a meeting to name a few.
  3. A Sponsor: This should always be a senior level mentor no matter your level in the company.  A sponsor is willing to advocate for you amongst their peers. A lot of times if your talented and you network a lot a sponsor will advocate for you without you asking. If not, its okay to ask someone to help get your name out there just make sure they know your story and your brand.

It truly takes a village to get you up that corporate ladder, add visibility to your business, or get presented with the right opportunity.

     Success dosen’t just land on your lap. You have to work, work, work and WORK SOME MORE  -P. Diddy

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Written by Ciera Mae

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Ciera was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in the village of Lincoln Heights where the well known Isley Brothers and Niki Giovanni are from as well (different time period of course). Between double-dutch, cheerleading and dance Ciera found her love for books. At the age of 9 she fell in love with the art of story telling from Niki Giovanni, Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes to name a few. As she grew older storytelling became her outlet and she stuck with it in college graduating with a Bachelors studying English Creative writing. In between great reads and writing a lot of Ciera’s time is spent traveling domestic and international. 

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