4 Critical Things Your LinkedIn Summary Should Do (that it probably doesn’t)

Don’t neglect your LinkedIn!

I’ve had my LinkedIn since Freshmen year in college. Almost 10 years later, I still have my LinkedIn account and I think it’s still as relevant as ever.

LinkedIn has not only connected me to some amazing people, but I have increased my business knowledge through its user content, and have even received job interviews through LinkedIn.

In the past, I used to treat LinkedIn just like I treated Facebook – I would accept everybody and their mama that requested to be my friend/follower. Now, I’m more cognizant of who follows me and who I follow. LinkedIn is a professional, social networking site, so I want to make sure I’m connected with the best people on there.

When people ask to follow/friend me on LinkedIn, of the biggest mistakes that I see is that they do not put enough work into their profile – specifically their LinkedIn summary. When I see someone with a subpar LinkedIn summary, I believe one of the following occurred:

  1. The person is convinced that you have to be uptight and boring in order to appear professional on LinkedIn.
  2. The person’s LinkedIn profile was created ages ago and haven’t it in forever.

Believe it or not, your LinkedIn summary is one of the most valuable pieces of biographical content you can have online. It is the place people go to read your elevator pitch or to get a quick synopsis of who you are (and why you are the shit). This is the space where recruiters, potential clients, and other professionals look first to see who you are and if you will be a viable connection.

It’s time for us to stop being shy on LinkedIn and neglecting our LinkedIn summary. Are you ready to have a LinkedIn summary that’s bomb AF? Do these 4 things and you’ll be on your way:

1. Do you boo

The LinkedIn summary is your section to literally do you. You have a full space to tell your own story in your own words, and you shouldn’t take this lightly. Take this opportunity to showcase who you are, and tell the world what makes you dope AF, and why they should connect with you.

2. Make it personable

LinkedIn was created to encourage relationships between people. It’s easier for other people to imagine a relationship or connection with you when they can read what you have to say in first person. When you are composing your LinkedIn summary, it’s okay to write in first person and make your summary sound conversational – actually this is what you are supposed to do.

3. Be intentional

Before you type out a single letter for the LinkedIn summary, figure out who your target market is (yes I said target market). At the end of the day, LinkedIn is not just a professional, social networking site – it’s is another way for you to market yourself and your business to the world. If you don’t know who your target market is or what kind of person/company you hope to connect with, it’ll be difficult for you to communicate the most effective message in your profile.

Prior to crafting your LinkedIn summary, figure out who your audience is so that you can communicate in the most effective way possible.

4. End it with a call to action

Now that you’ve created the most effective, intentional LinkedIn summary, you don’t want to end it without a bang. End the summary with a nice call to action and tell your readers what you want them to do next. My favorite call to action is to include my email and other social media handles, and ask them to follow me on there. If I am having some type of promo for my business, I’ll include that at the end as well. No matter what, always end the summary with some type of call to action.