4 Things To Remember When Applying For Jobs Within Your Company

The biggest mistake that I’ve seen employees make is lose their sense of hustle when applying for internal jobs. I don’t care how much your company brags on their career site about “promoting from within,” at the end of the day if an external candidate seems a like a better hire than you, you aint getting the job playa.

Just because you are already at the company doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed that new job within your company. Too many times, I’ve seen plenty of randos get positions that my counterparts applied for. The main reason this occurs is because we tend to get comfortable and assume that we have a leg up over any external person that applies for the same job that we want. In a sense, I do believe that you should have a better chance at getting that job over a random, external person, but if that rando is applying themselves harder and better than you – well you may be shit out of luck.

The next time you apply for a job internally, here are 4 things you should remember:

Don’t send in a shitty resume or application

The same passion that you had when you applied for your current job should be the same (if not more) when you apply for the next job at your company. Too often, I’ve seen employees apply for higher positions and fail to submit an updated resume and well thought out cover letter. Before you press “send” on that new job application for that internal position, make sure your resume is in perfect shape. Treat this moment as serious as you would if you didn’t already have a job and you were overdue on your college loan payments.

Use your network to your advantage

Most external candidates will not have access to the main hiring manager’s email or number. However, as a current employee you have been bestowed favor upon your life and have access to directly contact the hiring manager either in person, by email, or by their work extension. Use this to your advantage. After you submit your application and resume, follow it up with an email to the hiring manager and let them know. The body of your email can be your cover letter and make sure you attach your resume to the email as well. In the body of your email, be sure to include why you are the best candidate!

Come prepared

After you’ve applied for the job, and followed up with the hiring manager, hopefully you’ve landed yourself an interview! Prior to the interview, practice, practice, practice (and prep like hell!). As a current employee, you will be expected to perform well above average because you have the advantage of already knowing alot about the company, the interviewers, the team, and the job in detail. Too often, I’ve seen employees get too comfortable in their internal interview and come poorly dressed, and use language in the interview that is way too chill and homeboy-ish. Always remember, treating the interviewer like they are your BFF is never a good call – no matter how long you’ve known them or if you two work at the same company.

Don’t forget to follow up

Just like you would after a “regular” interview, always, always follow up by sending a thank you note to the interviewer. Often times, internal employees will forget to send in thank you notes, and I never understood why. Thank you notes will always make you stand out – it doesn’t matter if you are an internal employee or a rando employee off the street.