8 Easy Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Recently I came across Diddy’s IG post and he discussed how concerning it was for him to see his friends and fam support other brands and businesses that are not his. If you are a Black creative or entrepreneur, you can probably attest to how Diddy feels. When you have a business, you crave the support from your fam and friends, and sometimes it hurts when they don’t give that support.

For years I’ve made a conscious effort to support Black owned businesses (especially ones that are Millennial-owned) in anyway that I can.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to support a Black-owned business, here are 8 easy ways on how you can start.

1. Stop expecting a discount

When Tom Ford comes out with a new fragrance, or when Apple comes out with a new iPhone, do you hit them up asking for a discount?

I didn’t think so.

Instead you save up your coins, or find a way to get the coins, and you make the purchase.

You do this because you respect the product and the business, and you should have that same energy when it comes down to Black-owned businesses. Just because it’s a Black product doesn’t mean it should be treated any less. Black entrepreneurs work just as hard as others and we deserve equal fiscal respect.

2. Don’t knock our hustle

Have you ever told a friend about your business and instead of giving you positive energy, they shrugged you off and pretty much told you that being an entrepreneur was too risky? As a Black entrepreneur, there are already so many odds against us and people that are not rooting for us. Don’t be that person – instead always root for us and encourage our hustle.

3. Don’t assume that our product or service is of lower quality

Recently an old classmate of mines said on Facebook, “I don’t like buying clothes from Black boutiques because they’re quality is cheap.” I’m not sure why this person equated being Black owned to being cheap but it’s simply an ignorant way of thinking. Don’t judge a Black-owned business by the color of its owner – instead be open minded and welcomingly try the product or service.

4. Simply look for them

Nowadays social media sites like IG and Facebook makes it easy to look for Black-owned businesses (just search by the hashtag #blackownedbusiness). Other than looking on social media, you can do a quick Google search for the type of business you are looking for and you’ll find what you are needing.

It may take a little homework to identify the Black-owned business depending on the product or service, but know that by doing this, you are being supportive.

5. Recommend or promote a Black-owned business when given the opportunity.

If you know of someone that is looking for a particular product, business, or service, recommend a Black-owned business. Everyone knows the power of word of mouth, so just imagine how your speaking can spread like wild flowers. It always surprises me how much we promote so many brands that are not Black-owned.

6. Tell it on social

If you have a friend – or just a cool new Black-owned company that you’ve discovered, shout it out on social media. Don’t just keep it to yourself! Social media is a great place to spread the word about local business you love.

You’ll be surprised at how powerful and appreciative a tag, @, or mention can be for a business.

7. Host events at Black-owned businesses

If you have an event coming up, keep a Black-owned business in mind. Not only will this support the culture, but it’ll spread awareness on their business.

8. Don’t keep it a secret

If you found a Black-owned business that you love, tell the world! Tell your network on social media! If you find a dope Black-owned business, don’t keep the secret to yourself – give others the opportunity to benefit from it as well. By doing this, you are making the Black-owned business even more available for the masses, which in turn supports the growth and the developing wealth of Black-owned businesses.

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Written by Mogul Millennial Staff

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