8 Tips for Building Your Biz While Working a Full-Time Job

After months (or even years) of having a side hustle, you’ve decided that life is too short to not pursue your dreams, and it’s time for you to turn your side hustle and hobby into a business.

You have decided to do what very few people have the courage to do and that is taking your future into your own hands, and daring to give yourself the opportunity to live alive and live the life that you were destined for.

Making the courageous decision to start your own business will be very exciting in the beginning, but let me be real with you, it will get so damn overwhelming. I’m sorry for the honesty, but I have to keep it 100 with you. Starting a business can be exciting, hard, confusing, fun, rewarding, and overwhelming all in one. If you are starting a business while working full-time, it can be even more crazy. But sis/bruh, it’s the honest truth. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how crazy it can be, starting a business while working full-time can be done and if you have the right skills, confidence, and work ethic you can do it too.

If you are building a biz while working a 9-5, here are 8 things you can do to remain sane and build your dream.

1. Set Boundaries

The moment you decide you want to start a business, you will soon realize that in order for you to be successful, you’ll have to set boundaries and prioritize people and things in your life. This means, you will have to have the courage to tell your boo that you can’t cake on the phone all day and night, because you have to work on your biz. You’ll have to tell your friends that you can’t be at every Sunday Funday, brunch, or vacation because the time spent there could be valuable time spent doing work (and also you’ll be saving money that can go into your biz). Setting boundaries also means that you cannot catch every episode of Scandal, Real Housewives, or Atlanta because time spent watching TV can be time working. Setting boundaries for people and things in your life will help you successfully prioritize and get more work done.

2. Set Small Goals

Having responsibilities at both a full-time job and your new business can be overwhelming and can drive you cray cray.

In order to manage both responsibilities, some people would opt in for creating a long list of things to do, but I recommend creating that list, BUT breaking it down into chunks. Breaking down your goals will make your to-do list look less daunting and intimidating.

3. Set a Schedule

Similar to tip #1, prioritizing is key. When you prioritize your life and set a schedule, it will help guide you to stay on track. Working a 9-5 and building your biz can be hectic, so that’s why I recommend to create a realistic schedule and stick to it. For instance, schedule yourself and stay focused during the day at your 9-5, so that you can leave on time, and go home and work on your biz. If you are trying to use time after work to build your own biz, this means you cannot spend all of your hours working at your full-time job because you have to leave some time to work on your own biz.

4. Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late(r)

As full-time employees and business owners, our time away from the office is uber important. The time in the morning before work and in the evening after work can be utilized to work on your biz (if you are dedicated and strategic). I’ve always hated it when entrepreneurs bash people for not waking up early to do work because I believe that some people are just not morning people and they do their best work at other times of the day. For you, figure out what time of the day you work best at and utilize that time to work on your biz.

5. Automate & Outsource

Want to know the best business resource that I’ve ever used?


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool and it helps you automate your social media  content. With Buffer, I can plan out my posts for the week (or month if I’m being a badass), and while I’m at work, my cute little social media content is easily posting away (on its own). If you are not automating your content, get.into.it.

Next, having the courage to let someone else do work that you either can’t do or really don’t have time to do is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make. Nowadays, sites like Fiverr make it easy for small business to outsource work and focus on other business items.

6. Use your weekends and lunch breaks wisely

Although catching your favorite show during lunch or on a lazy Saturday sounds ideal, use that time to work on your business instead. If you are really serious about building your company, you should be working on it every free chance you get.

7. Stay Healthy

Have you ever heard someone say that your diet affects your mood? Well, it’s true. When you eat a balanced meal, you’ll have more energy. Also, when you take care of your body and mind by exercising, it will give you energy and stimulate your mind. During the times when I’ve decided to eat junk food and skip the gym, I noticed that I became super lazy in my work. But when I’ve opted in for healthier options and exercise, I have way more energy and confidence.

8. Schedule “me time”

Building a biz, working full-time, and having a social life on top of all of that will pull you in all types of directions and can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, always remember to pour back into yourself and actively practice self-care. At least one time throughout the day, you should have “me time” where you can relax and unwind (and not doing work).


Are you working full-time and building a biz? How are some ways that you stay sane?