8 Websites & Apps You Need To Start Your Side Hustle in 2018

Don’t Know Where To Start With That Business Idea You’ve Been Thinking About For Months?

Side hustle has become a trendy word amongst millennials, not just to make some extra cash but with the rising living expenses, it has become a way to make ends meet. For millennials like myself, living in countries with limited opportunities, side hustles are a way to help us compete in the global market and advance ourselves far beyond borders or the shores of our nations. These websites and apps have allowed me to access some resources and services that would be way too expensive for someone just starting off. These resources can help you get your feet wet in the entrepreneurship game with small to no investments.


This site has been a lifesaver and game-changer! I have used this site not only to hire web developers to create my sample management software and develop personal websites. I have found freelancers to source items in Asia and to hire a virtual assistant. I have also used the site as a freelancer making an extra $300-$500 for quick jobs. I tend to use Freelancer for more significant and more long-term projects. All you have to do is enter the project you want to do, the skills required and your budget; in minutes you will have people from all over the world bidding for your project. The site protects you because all payments are made through the website and if a project is not completed to your satisfaction, Freelancer will resolve the issue for you. All communication can be done through the platform so I can go back and forth with my developers in India on the website or through the app. Freelancer even has services where they can help you pick the best freelancer for you based on past ratings, price, and skillset. So if you don’t know where to start on that big idea you have been thinking about for years, I would advise you start here.


Where do I even begin, Fiverr is also a freelancer site but has a different layout from Freelancer. It has a crazy range of different jobs from voiceovers to web design to witch spells! This is not a joke; you can find almost everything on Fiverr and for the cost of $5 for a lot of tasks. The price will go up as the details of the task increases. I have used Fiverr over 100 times for smaller projects like creating a logo, proofreading, legal drafts, explainer videos, photo editing, 3d floor plans, package design and host of other things. One of the things I love most about Fiverr is the upfront pricing and time frame needed for the task to be completed. They also have a list of other reviews and ratings so you can be sure of the seller’s skill set. Similar to Freelancer, everything is done on the platform so if the project is not done to the agreed requirements and time frame you can get your money back. One of the best parts of these all-web-based deals is, if I am looking for a mockup I made a year ago, I can go through my past order and re-download the files. This process has saved me many of times when I am on a different computer and need to access some data ASAP.


Schedugram has saved me so much time and phone storage space. There is no way I couldn’t put it on this list. Schedugram helps you schedule your content for Instagram. I know this may sound pretty simple but don’t worry there is more. First of all most of the other scheduling services I was using for Instagram like Hootsuite and Latergram, requires you to physically post at the allotted time. Schedugram is the only site I found that does the posting automatically and it took me forever to find it. Since I manage numerous social media platforms for my main job and side hustles, this helped me free up a lot of my time. Schedugram allows you create allotted time to post on every day of the week for each platform. It also allows you to post the hashtags in a separate comment the same time as your post. This is so crucial for potential users to find your social platform and products/service. One of my favorite features is that you can preview your scheduled post in your Instagram grid. This advantage allows you to play around and make adjustments to what’s the most aesthetically pleasing.


Acquiring customers is one of the most difficult parts of starting a side hustle, so, it’s essential that as you get these customers, you can re-target your clients using emails and digital ads. Collecting emails for eblasts and newsletters is a must for almost any business you start in this age. MailChimp is an affordable marketing automation platform and email marketing service I use to send e-blast for my business. Email marketing alerts existing customers on new products and also reaches my potential customers. MailChimp has a free membership account that allows you to test the website to make sure it can meet your needs. The best way to get someone to sign up for your email list is using pop up on your site, offering a discount or free resource that is connected to a MailChimp list. I also love that you can take that list of customers and upload them to Facebook to find look-alike audiences to target. This helps you get better performances on your social media ads.


When starting your side hustle, it is important not to invest a lot of money and unnecessary paperwork until you know it’s something truly viable. There are some necessary steps that you should take when you see that the hustle can be a sustainable business, but I wouldn’t advise you spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer to do so. That’s why I like LegalZoom for the necessary things like copyrighting or trade-marking your name. Furthermore, you can also use it to form an LLC or incorporate your business. As I’ve grown some of my side hustles, I have been on both ends of using a law firm and using LegalZoom. When there are more complicated business structures, or you have a lot of questions, I say go for a lawyer, but for the more simple matters, LegalZoom is a great way to get you started. They have a wide range of other services like contracts and help with your business plans.


Canva is such a good resource for entrepreneurs who need to promote their business on social media platforms but don’t have the time or creative talents to make visually appealing content. Canva is a free graphic design tool that has thousands of designs that you can choose from for your business cards, presentations, Instagram post, Facebook Post, Youtube Banners, Twitter Banners, etc., allowing you to spend more time focusing on the content of your post rather than the aesthetics and sizing. What I also love about Canva is that it’s web-based and it saves all the files you create, making it easy to access old work or update content at any time and place.


One big part of having a side hustle is staying organized and balancing it with your day job. I love Wunderlist as a task manager; however, any task manager will work, but the main point is that you need one! It also helps when you are expanding your team so that you can assign a task to them and provide them with the information they need to finish a project remotely. It allows you to add notes and files to a task and have the task repeat daily, weekly or monthly. I love starting my day with seeing everything I need to get done, and nothing is more rewarding than clicking it off my list.

8.Google Sheets/Docs/Drive

I know this may seem random but trust me; this one is a big game changer. If you are regularly switching devices like me, e.g., work laptop, personal laptop, work desktop, there is nothing more annoying than having a document or excel that you need to be saved on a device you can’t access at the moment. You are probably constantly emailing yourself or carrying a flash drive of files when you could have them all stored in one location and have them readily accessible at any moment. I have had many times when I am at work, and my manufactures ask for an excel that I can quickly send over without waiting until the end of the day. Sometimes, a product is performing super well, or you forgot about a holiday, and you need access some assets so you can schedule a quick post. The truth is sometimes your 5-9 will pop up during your 9-5 and the more organized you are the more successful your side hustle will be. Speaking of; let me save this article to Google Docs before I accidentally delete it again.

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