Are millenials "entitled" or were we sold false claims?

I hear “Millenials are entitled” at least once a month. I’ve heard it from co-workers, colleagues, older friends and even family members. Well, I am here to refute that statement using the same logic I used to battle an older military friend of mine.

As a 90s kid and millenial myself, I remember my parents and teachers saying “Go to college and study hard so you won’t have to work like that construction worker over there.” “Go to school so you won’t have to work at McDonald’s.” “Go to school so  you’ll have a good paying 9-5 and not have to work weekends.” I’ve asked around and other millenials remember hearing this information from parents and teachers as well. 

The reason why this information is so detrimental to a success inspired mindset is because it teaches us to look down others. It teaches us to look down on hard work, especially the kind of work in the manual labor and service industries. Looking down on others is NEVER okay. The adults in our lives essentially sold us on the idea that a college degree would buy us our way to the top. That a college degree was the golden ticket to success and once we obtained it that all our problems were over and that we’d live happily ever after. They never said we would have to start at the bottom and work our way up like everyone else. That is why previous generations refer to millenials as “entitled” because some of honestly believed a college degree would qualify us for a CEO position right out the door. 

Our parents and teachers obviously had good intentions for us but they simply went about it the wrong way. As millenials, it is our job to educate ourselves and future generations on the principle that hard work and lifelong education are the only true determinants of success. That the industry you work in doesn’t define your worth and that education doesn’t end on graduation day – education is forever. That in order to stay relevant in your field you must constantly update yourself on latest software, market trends, business tactics etc. 

Millenials aren’t naturally entitled – we were sold entitlement. *Drops Mic*

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Written by Jocelyn Ruiz

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