BlackThat Launches Masterclass and Marketplace Hybrid System to Help Black Businesses Grow

In most recent years, the Small Business Administration Bureau reported that African American small business owners increased in size year over year totaling 2.6 million, accounting for 10% of the approximately 27 million businesses in the U.S. Over 600,000 new black businesses open each year; however, over 400,000 black-owned businesses go out of business each year due to improper planning, inadequate financing and/or lack of community and business development knowledge. African Americans
were also deemed last in building legacies for their families across all races and ethnicities.

Due to these cultural and professional discrepancies that black-business owners face in today’s marketplace, Nathan Newman; Founder of BlackThat launched the first hybrid course training, business-builder and storefront marketplace to create traditions within an ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and scales businesses in growth and revenue. It also provides the freedom-based business model necessary to start and to leave legacies throughout the African American communities.


“We designed this platform to help new and existing entrepreneurs transition their hobbies into a profitable business through actionable insights and simple “how-to’s” and to help remove the constraints that hold our communities back” explains Nathan Newman, Founder of BlackThat.
BlackThat’s Masterclass helps thousands of black-owned businesses on the fundamentals of how to generate six and seven-figure earnings through foundation setting for your business, process mapping and the utilization of technology to scale your business. The training also explores and delivers
automation systems in which business owners can customize their business structure for repeatable and profitable success.

Upon completion of the Masterclass, owners can create an online storefront in the BlackThat Marketplace to promote and sell their services for free. BlackThat’s revenue sharing model allows for all parties from the store owner to the customers to generate a profit when they think black businesses first.

In addition, users can take advantage of BlackThat Tasks, their in-house services to include social media management, product launch development, website design, and marketing automation. Users can utilize BlackThat’s hybrid system to create, promote and grow a legacy driven.


In light of the launch, BlackThat is incentivizing black business owners with an opportunity to position their business for maximum exposure in 2019 with their No More Excuses Campaign; where business owners can sign up to receive a new website for only $25 a month with a one-time set up fee of $120 (or) begin learning how to build your own legacy by signing up for BlackThat’s free webinar explaining how to leave your full-time job and create a six-to-seven figure business. For more information, visit

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