As you accomplish your goals & succeed in life , having a strong team behind you is essential. Between Instagram trolls, twitter fingers and naysayers they can leave you doubting your talent & potential. Here are a few examples of the type of people you must have in your inner circle.  
Your Biggest Fan  

My significant other has been my right hand from the moment I met him. Anytime, I need to pitch ideas he is excited to hear them all. I had writer’s block for months. He kept motivating me and pushing me to keep going. Each day he would tell me that he believes in me, Texting me positive affirmations, reassuring me that my creative block would end soon. He is one of the most supportive people I know. I remember when I finally started writing articles again.  He told me : ” I can’t wait to read your book.   His belief in me allows me to aspire for more. At times, your friend can see everything your capable of before you do.   A great friends wants to see you win and become : ” The best version of yourself”  
Your “Keep It Real Friend ”  

Often times more so than I care to admit I have melodramatic pity parties. I complain about not having enough money. I should be much further in my career. Why did he get that promotion? his work is mediocre, etc etc. etc. I can always count on her to snap me out of my funk. She reminds me that I am blessed and I should be grateful for what I have. She is the constant voice of reason with #nofilter that I need in my life.    
Your Goofy friend  

Life can overwhelm you at times , work ,school , student loans adulting , the list goes on and on. The daily routine can get soul crushing, Its a must that you have a hilarious friend.That one person whom can make a joke about anything or anyone. You know that one person who with a single look invokes immediate laughter. Laughter is good for the spirit. And it’s even better with a friend to share laughs with.   Beyoncé & Nicki pic  Whether I write a book, start a blog or become a stand up comedian , jk. I know my squad will have my back, call me out on my bs and show me the lighter side of life.       .

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Written by Fallon Havens

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