Dr. Jewel Tankard Drops Gems On Building Wealth

My old college buddy has worked with the same company since she graduated for over 8 years now. While she didn’t absolutely love her job, it gave her what she needed: a paycheck and stability. Just last week this friend of mine found out that she was getting laid off because of “budgeting.” Now my friend will no longer have that stable job, that bi-weekly check from that company, and will be unemployed once next week hits.

When I heard the news, I felt super bad for my friend, but learned a lot from her experience. One of the things I learned is that life sucks sometimes and no matter how hard you work for a company, no matter how many early days and late nights you work, you can be dropped at a dime. The other lesson I learned is that you should never let someone be the sole dictator of your financial status. You should always find multiple sources of income because you never know when one of the sources may be snatched away.

As Millennials, we are not getting any younger so the glow up SZN is in full effect. It’s time for us to stop wasting our money on happy hours and Sunday Funday brunch, and instead find ways on how to build wealth. Dr. Jewel Tankard is someone that understands and believes in the necessity of building wealth and having multiple sources of income.

You may be remember Dr. Tankard from the hit Bravo TV show “Thicker Than Water.”   Beyond that, she is also known as an entrepreneur and a Financial Strategist. With her company, The Millionairess Club, she teaches us about the ins and outs of growing our money and building generational wealth.

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The Mogul Millennial recently sat down with Dr. Tankard and learned a few quick, yet vital gems on building wealth.

Stop sleeping on trading foreign currency – it is not a scam

Trading foreign currency is so hot right now – whatever money you make, you have access to it immediately. One person I know started with $50 and in 3 weeks had turned it into $10,000! Instead of ignoring this space, find out how you can get involved and profit.

You should invest in digital currency like Bitcoin 

I truly believe that digital currency is the space where we all need to be in. Some of the most popular types of digital currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Learn how to become an investor in this space because it is one of the fastest growing areas. You can easily trade with the device you use all day – your cell phone. With minimal effort and investment, you can produce cash flow every day.

It will never be the “perfect” time

The key to building wealth is to make a decision and start. Some people think that they have to wait until they get money or have “enough money.” Just like Nike says, “just do it.”

You can get help

If you want to grow your money by investing in digital currency or investing in other items like stocks, find companies that can help you learn how to invest and invest effectively. There are plenty of companies  that can help you learn how to trade or invest your money.

If you are in the Atlanta area in January, you can learn from Dr. Jewel Tankard in person at her anticipated Millionairess Conference. Attendees will gain insider knowledge in funding franchising ventures, real estate acquisition, trading foreign currency, and investing in precious metals like the limited edition, Millionairess Club Minted Coin (available exclusively at the conference). This wealth empowerment conference will include a curated line-up of speakers including R&B artist –Keri Hilson, Bravo’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes , Rolling Out Founder and Publisher – Munson Steed, trust and legal specialist, branding experts, real estate gurus and more. The conference will take place on January, 20th 2018 in Atlanta, Geogia. Tickets are available at http://jeweltankard.com/millionairess-conference.html.

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