Everything You Need To Know About Post-Interview Thank You Notes

I recently ran across a funny post on Instagram about the beauty of being ‘extra.’ While I laughed at the video, it made me think about how being ‘extra’ can truly take us far and get us noticed, because honestly most people are afraid to go the extra mile and take a step out of their comfort zone.

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The idea of being ‘extra’ after an interview and going the extra mile by sending a thank you note is rarely done. As a hiring manager, I see less and less post-interview thank you notes.

I truly believe that sending a thank you note after an interview is really more of a necessity than an option. If you forget to do it, it could cost you the job that you want (especially if there is a candidate that is equally qualified as you and he/she sends one).

Whenever my friends ask me for interview advice or etiquette, here is what I always preach:

  • After your interview, ALWAYS send a thank you note. Send it fast, be genuine, and personalize it.

If you still need one more person to justify the necessity of post-interview thank you notes, check this out: Nearly a third of hiring managers surveyed by CareerBuilder say they would think less of a job candidate who didn’t send a thank you note, and almost 15% say they flat out wouldn’t hire someone if they didn’t receive them. So, even if you beasted your interview, you should send one because it shows that you care about the job, are eager, and it’ll just make you look even more beasty.

Now that you know you should ALWAYS send a thank you note, let’s discuss when you should send it.

I always say that you should send the thank you note within a few hours after your interview. More than likely the interviewers have more interviews lined up and want to make a hiring decision soon. You want them to make that hiring decision end with you, and to be at the top of their list early in their interviewing process.

Typically, the easiest (and fastest way) that we normally think of when sending thank you notes is with email. However, I would not overlook and become intimidated by the idea of a handwritten thank you note. Handwritten thank you notes are rare but are truly loved (I personally love it more than an email). I recommend to purchase some cute little thank you cards, and after your interview, write your thank you note in the lobby or in your car and leave it with the receptionist at the front desk for the people that interviewed you.

Whether you decide to go with email or handwritten note, remember that sending a thank you note is a MUST and it will help your chances of getting the job. Don’t be average like most people and fail to show gratitude to the interviewers.

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