Here’s How to Get Noticed In The Overcrowded Job Market

There are too many fishes in the sea

In a recent group chat, the question “why do recruiters ignore my application” was asked, and immediately dozens of girls in the chat began to vent. Too often, we spend so much time filling out the long application and never hear anything back.

Ideally, after we apply for a job, we would like to get a call for an interview, but if the company isn’t interested, it would be nice to at least get the dreaded “thank you, but no thank you email.” No one likes to be ignored.

As a hiring manager and as someone that’s looking to be hired, I understand both sides. From the hiring manager’s perspective, at times it can be impossible to get back to every single applicant – especially when your work load is crazy and you get hundreds of applications. And from the job seeker’s perspective, you feel that it’s better to know where you stand after you have put yourself out there, and shown the company interest.

So during times like this when the job market is overcrowded and the job you just applied to also received hundreds of other applicants, how do you stand out and get the job (or at least an interview)?

Think about WHO is recruiting & find a way inside.

For many companies, it is easy to get in touch with someone that works there that could probably get in the door. You can either A) call the company and simply ask or B) look for an insider on LinkedIn. Some people may say that option A is old school, but honey it works. Out of the many times that I have hired for a new position, I’ve only had a FEW people call my company and ask for the hiring manager (me). Those people definitely stood out and got an interview. In no way or shape did I think that those people were being weird or annoying – I thought the exact opposite. To me, it showed that they took initiative and were passionate about joining my team. It proved to me that they went outside of the box to get what they want and people like that are always the most-wanted on a team.

The other option, option B, is also a viable pick. Most companies have accounts on LinkedIn, and many of their employees do too. If you want to find the hiring manager or recruiter for the company you just applied to, simply search for it by typing the company name and job title in the LinkedIn search bar. If you are lucky (like I have been before), an account will pop up. If you cannot find the recruiter with a LinkedIn search, just type the name of the company, and more than likely, you’ll find an account for SOMEBODY that works there. After you find an account, or the recruiters account, send them a DM or if their company email address is on their LinkedIn profile, email them.

I know both options above may seem aggressive, but in this job market, you have to be aggressive. Don’t wait around hoping that you’ll stand out from the hundreds of job seekers. Work hard and be persistent for what you want.

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