How to Navigate a Career Crossroad Like a BOSS!

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There might be a point in your life where you become uncertain about your career. That kind of

uncertainty can feel uncomfortable, stressful and even scary. It can stem from a stressful

workplace, a micromanaging boss, boredom, or lack of growth. You know it’s time for a change

but yet you struggle to figure out what’s next. Coming to a crossroad in your career can be

frightening, but it can also be very exciting and liberating. Whether you’re evaluating your

current position or looking to elevate your professional reputation these applicable suggestions

will help you navigate a career crossroad like a BOSS!



The first and most important step to discovering your ideal work is to be fully aware of who you

are and what you want. You need to thoroughly understand and be able to articulate your

strengths, weaknesses, and interests. What motivates you? What makes you happy? What do

you love? What are you good at? Career satisfaction stems from a clear understanding of what

you want.



When you define your personal values you discover what’s truly important to you. A part of who

you want to be is rooted in your values. Make a list of what’s important to you and why they’re

important. Identifying your values builds your self-awareness and provides clarity. Once you

become clear about your values you will gain tremendous focus and you’ll feel more aligned

with your career.



Naturally we tend to drift off course and shift all over the place. Prioritizing your life increases

your ability to focus on what is important. A starting point would be to arrange your list of values

by order of importance. This requires some intense thinking but doing so will lead to consistency

in how you invest your time and energy and yield to positive results. Time is one of our most

valuable yet limited resource. If we waste the day by investing our time in actions that don’t

produce the results we want, that loss is permanent.



Mentoring is one of the oldest forms of influence and knowledge sharing. Embracing the

concept of mentorship will have a positive impact on your professional development. A mentor

does not have to be someone in your workplace, but it’s a good place to start. It could be

someone in a completely different industry or someone in the same field as you. Find someone

you admire and respect, or someone you find insightful. Most mentorship relationships happen

informally just by meeting and establishing a relationship with someone who shares common

goals and interests. You can take a formal approach and ask an individual if they would

consider being your mentor. Whatever the approach, its key to align your goals with expertise

and experience.



I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, so much so it’s become so cliche, but seriously

networking is amazing! Not only can networking be very helpful in advancing your career but it

can also encourage personal growth and confidence. You don’t need to be naturally outspoken

to be successful in networking environments. However, you do need to be prepared to deliver

value. Networking is effective when you have an unselfish mindset. Don’t think of it as an

opportunity to just help yourself but as an opportunity to help others as well. It’s a great

opportunity to form and maintain a valuable circle of contacts and build a solid network that will

serve you for years to come.



It’s important to stay in a positive state of mind while going through a change. Change happens,

accepting that change is a part of life is necessary for growth. Staying positive will help you deal

with the change effectively. Surround yourself around positive people and exercise your mind

and body. Make the necessary shifts in your life to embrace the change, and move forward like


Written by Laurie Nicolas

Laurie is a non-profit management consultant, and Personal Finance blogger & educator. Catch up with her on Twitter and IG @lauriednicolas.

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