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Hollis Beard

Knowing What interests you should be the very things that excite you. That invites the positive energy of life in, so omit out the same. the cycle we need to survive, is in the repetition of good sustainable things. Institutionalized enterprises of today have survived the sands of time. Why… because they stuck to the values they stood on, bridged over troubled waters to transition with the needs of diverse thinking and accepted social difference…

Imagine that… What keep you going is acceptance.

The premise is in the Quandary Doctrine where there is awkwardness people lack understanding, tolerance, and social acceptance.

It is by the declassification of subjective titles simple definitions become a mix of interpreted meanings. In recognition for healing we remove plastic worth for traditional respect and transcending efforts to keep up with acceptance. The passage through evolutions chaotic need to change.

Social Engineering team has taken up a new project…

“The Radical theory ” – this theory is a guide for the idealist who look to impact history through the diversity of difference amongst people. It identifies what is the escape-goat current or symbolic to past time civil strife’s.

#Purpose in #Encouragement and #Empowerment done!

The Radical theory is ideology applied smart. Appreciate the value of difference

No need to make it feel any more indifferent.


Selfish first, Selfless Right

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Written by Hollis Beard

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