John Legend Donates Money to Help Cover Seattle’s School Lunch Debt

You never know who will notice & support your GoFundMe

Every day, there are students that come to school without the funds or resources from home to eat at lunch. Some districts, have programs where they pay for meals for students whose parents can’t afford it, but for other school districts, their students are left to figure out their school meals on their own or will be denied a meal.


Jeff Lew, a father of three, recently started a GoFundMe page to help pay the bill for students and parents that cannot afford school lunches. Lew posted on his GoFundMe page:


Soon after Lew created the page, he started receiving a few donations here and there, but then he saw a pretty generous donation of $5,000 come through from someone by the name of John Stephens. John Stephens is the real name of the singer John Legend, and his donation is currently the largest donation toward the cause.

Lew told Q13 News that his wife is a John Legend stan and immediately recognized John Stephens as Legends real name.

Using GoFundMe, Lew said he sent “John Stephens” a quick reply, thanking him for his donation and he also asked if he was the famous singer John Legend. “John Stephens” soon replied, “Yes, it’s me.”

Lew was beyond excited but still was in a little bit of disbelief so he took it to Twitter to hopefully get real confirmation (I can’t blame him because you know how people be catfishin’).

Soon after, the Seattle Times posted an article describing Lew’s suspicions of the donor, and Lew received the confirmation that he was waiting for. Lew responded to the tweet by Seattle Times, and tweeted a “thank you” to Legend for the donation to see if the $5,000 really came from him.

Legend then tweeted back, “My pleasure! We should have free lunch for all of our public students!”

Lew initially set out to raise $21,000, the rough estimate owed by students in Seattle’s public schools. So far, Lew’s fundraiser has raised a little over $36,000, and he has a new goal to now raise $40,000.

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