Justin Lamarr Turns Entrepreneurial Ventures into Public Service

Justin Lamarr ( @justin.lamarr ) is a young creative out of Los Angeles, California who decided his vision was going to be an actualized plan rather than a harbored dream. Justin is the co-founder and creative director of Uptown Access ( @uptownaccess ) a marketing group that aims to connect your art with your audience through artist development, streaming optimization, social media management, web design, brand strategy and public relations campaigns. 

Many young people transitioning from academia into the workforce are faced with the tearing decision of whether to seek employment from the less socially active company that allows them to make a large amount of money or go the often less financially lucrative route of getting into non- profit or government service work. Justin, however, holds the playbook to having the best of both worlds. Justin was able to turn each of his entrepreneurial ventures not only into lucrative businesses, but also into impactful servant leadership projects, naming him as a recipient of the Los Angeles NAACP Men of Valor Award. 

Justin’s aforementioned marketing group, in addition to servicing their clients, are serving the Los Angeles youth by providing intern positions to high school students interested in cultivating transferable skills that pertain to the field and the road to entrepreneurship. However, his work does not stop there. Justin is also a curator for Groom Guy ( @groomguy ) a lifestyle brand that boosts general grooming practices for every man while spotlighting the evolution of barber culture. In his curation at Groom Guy creates space to highlight other young, black entrepreneurs who are giving back such as rapper Nipsey Hussle. Additionally, Justin is the co-host of podcast, which offers real talk about life as a young, black entrepreneur, Tipsy In The Breakroom ( @tipsyinthebreakroom ). There, Justin offers commentary, tips, and play by plays of plans he has implemented to change the way blacks in entrepreneurship are moving in business and in reaching back to their communities.

Justin’s handling of his various projects prove that those in for-profit business can still have non-profit hearts and that there is a tenfold increase in benefits when you give back as you move forward. Justin’s ways in business and public service make him the one to watch in the future in both arenas. 

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Written by Keiara A Stevenson

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