Molly’s Unequal Pay Hit Home For Too Many Of Us


I decided to wait a few days before posting this article because I wanted to give you all time to watch the first episode of Insecure Season 2. By now, you should have watched it, if not, sorry but this post will be a spoiler.

On the first episode of the new season, Molly, played by Yvonne Orji, accidentally received the paycheck of a white male coworker at her job. When she initially saw the check, Molly was uber excited at what she thought was her pay because it was substantially more than what she gets.

Seconds later, Molly looked more closely at the paycheck and saw that it didn’t belong to her, but it belonged to Travis, a coworker of hers that we later can tell aint shit and slacks off at work. Immediately, Molly began to feel confused and pissed off because she saw that Travis’ bi-weekly pay of $6,991.54 was definitely not fair in comparison to her pay. If you remember Molly from Season 1, you can attest that she definitely appears to be a great worker and is probably one of the best lawyers at her firm.

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Later on during the episode, Molly was still thinking about Travis’ check and assumed he was making more than her because he just got a raise (a girl can be hopeful, right?). While at a company party, Molly stirs up a conversation with Travis and tries to see if he recently received a raise. Travis informed her that he hadn’t, and right then and there, Molly knew that there was no apparent reason why he was making more money than her (and she was angry yet again).

At this moment in the episode, you probably felt the same way I’ve felt before when it came down to my pay: angry, confused, and disrespected. As you, and everybody else and their mama knows, the wage gap exists, and too often Black people, especially Black women, receive unequal pay in comparison to their white counterparts. Keep in mind, the wage gap and unequal pay isn’t a new thing; it’s been going on for decades and doesn’t appear to be going away.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always pictured Molly as the ultimate boss, sprinkling #BlackGirlMagic and exuding #BlackExcellence all up and down her law firm where she is clearly a minority (her law firm doesn’t seem too diverse). I still think that Molly is definitely a boss and is #careergoals, so that’s why it saddened me to see that no matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, no matter what degrees you have, or how bomb you are at your job, you are still subject to unequal pay.


As Season 2 continues, I’m interested to see how Molly will react knowing that she is experiencing unequal pay.

Let us know below how you think this story will pan out, and what you would do if you were in Molly’s situation.

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