New Survey Says That 75% of Millennials Want Employers to Take a Stand on Social & Political Issues

Where does YOUR company stand?

colin kapernick

Just recently, a situation at work occurred where some coworkers were talking negatively about #45, and it made some of my coworkers cringe a little. Although I am not a #45 supporter, I grew up in the old days of where discussing politics in the workplace was considered unprofessional and unacceptable. The negative talk about the president and everyone’s reaction made me wonder if discussing politics at work is still a “no” and if so, why are we so afraid to discuss our political and social opinions at work?

The way that I look at it, we discuss everythang else – literally everything – and many of the topics that we currently discuss at work are controversial. Since this is true, why are politics and social issues still considered a definite “no”?

My belief is that not discussing politics and social issues at work is just an old school way of thinking. As Millennials, we want to work with people and be apart of organizations that align with our own values, and by doing so, it makes us more comfortable at work and empowered to do our best work.

Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling this way.

In a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor, it was discovered that 75 percent of people ages 18-34 expect their employer to take a stand on important political and social issues that affect their constitutional rights and livelihood. Looking at the data, one can infer that companies that do take a stand on social and political issues have higher recruiting advantages since a high percentage of job seekers prefer employees that are politically and socially woke.


Furthermore, nearly four in five U.S. workers believe companies have an important voice in government orders and laws that could affect the employer’s business or the lives of employees. The data from this survey proved that Millennials want employers that believe in their rights and aren’t afraid to stick up for them.

“Today’s informed candidates want to work for companies that are actively engaged on topics that directly impact their lives and align with their beliefs,” said Dawn Lyon, Glassdoor chief reputation officer and senior vice president of global corporate affairs. “Today’s candidates, especially younger job seekers, want to work at companies that take a stand and take action.”

I believe that today’s employees are vastly different from our prior generations. We are selective when it comes to the company we work for (a decent salary just aint enough) and we hold our companies accountable to take on social and political issues. We don’t believe in having selective talk in the workplace just to avoid conflict. If we can talk about relationships and personal issues, we believe we can talk about other topics that affect us. Just as we are informed and woke, we want to work for companies that are the same. We want to work for and with people that we can be ourselves around, while speaking our own truth.

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