Entrepreneur Laci McKinney Shares Why Aiming For Perfection Can Be Detrimental

As a Millennial in the workplace, you may love your job and your company, but then sometimes you’ll find yourself feeling like you are missing something. You may or may not can put your finger on what that something is, but you know deep down inside of your heart, that you are destined for more than what your 9-5 is giving you.

This is one of the reason’s why Laci McKinney founded her business, The People’s Voice PR Agency. Laci always knew that she wanted more than a 9-5, and eventually she did some soul-searching to figure out what else life had for her.

We recently caught up with Laci, and she shared more information on her career journey, and dropped some gems on starting a business.

Please share your career journey for those who aren’t familiar with your story.

I am a Texas native – a true city girl, and I founded The People’s Voice PR Agency in 2013 after working in municipal government. While working in municipal government, I spent a tremendous part of my efforts supporting community engagement and fostering relationships. Fast forward to today, I have found myself following the same path with The People’s Voice PR Agency.

With my agency, my job is to support your vision. I am a problem solver that works in relationship building to multiply your reach and leverage your voice. A passion of mine is to change the way solopreneurs and multilevel organizations communicate. My agency aim to multiply the quality of solopreneur services and voice them as the missing links of society’s wants and needs. My outcome, is to create an open environment where solopreneurs and multilevel organizations problem solve as one.

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always wanted more than just a 9 to 5. The People’s Voice PR for me is my outlet, it’s where I can be creative and grow. I get a kick out of the success of others, It’s my driving force. Public Relations essentially connects people to their ideal customers, it shares their brand promise and it helps shine the light on the WHY of the business. We buy because of the WHY, not the WHAT and I want to be apart of the WHY mission for my clients.

What is the hardest thing you have learned about starting a business?

It’s not always going to perfect. Perfection can be a detriment to business. Yes you want quality, don’t get me wrong but if you always seek perfection, you will ruin your chances of success. I had to get past that, just start and learn as I went along.

What has been the highlight of your life as an entrepreneur?

The highlight for me was launching. I finally got out of my nerves and just did it. August 5th, 2016 was the highlight and it’s been a rewarding journey to say the least.

Best career advice in 6 words or less?

Don’t compare yourself to others

Top 3 items you cannot live without?

My iphone, flats and moisturizer

If you work full-time, how do you balance your FT job with your business?  

Balance, what’s that! I wouldn’t call it balancing, I just get it done. My clients depend on me so if thats early morning, late nights and weekends; so be it. I choose this life and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I have to unplug and I do. There are weekends I dont look at emails or wait to return text messages on Mondays; and thats ok. Perhaps thats my balance.

What’s next for you and your business?

I am truly excited to share with you our anniversary campaign kicking off August 2017. #ISTHISMICONCAMPAIGN will kick off in August 2017 where we will celebrate the voices of local entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers, hustlers; if you’re out there making it happen we want you to be a part of the campaign. The true purpose behind the campaign is to provide a platform to teach others about the importance of having a voice and using it. We want to assist in connecting the creative behind the brand to a new audience. The campaign will be revealed in two-parts; via a visual story on IG and storytelling via The People’s Voice Blog. We want the creatives to share the campaign as well as get others excited enough to share the stories. We can’t wait, this campaign embodies the mission of The People’s Voice PR Agency. 

What are you reading or what podcast are you listening to now?

I commute quit a bit so I find myself listening to podcasts; my fav is Joblogues.

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know?

Fun Fact, just one! I grew up dancing (ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern). It’s something I still love to this day. I wish I would’ve continued on through college but I chose not to. If you ever see me in the grocery store and you see me dancing; don’t be surprised.

Any social media handles or websites that you would like for us to direct our readers to?

Business IG @thepeopplevoicepr ; Facebook The People’s Voice PR Agency

Personal IG @laciymckinney

Website: www.thepeoplesvoicepr.com