Reclaiming my Time! Time Management Hacks for Millennial Professionals

“Reclaiming My Time”, as said by the great Maxine Waters, can be a little hard to do sometimes.

In the age of a million and one social media platforms, actually doing what’s important can sometimes become secondary. In this day in age, it’s important to master ‘giving a little to a lot’.

Now for those of you that don’t know, mastering the art of “giving a little to a lot” is the secret of success for people like Oprah, Elon Musk and others. It allows you to give energy to the many things you have to do throughout your day.

Think of it this way it’s better to have 8 items 70% done than to have only 1 item completed by the end of the week.

So if you are like me you want to remain productive like Beyonce, you will follow the list below.

1.On Sunday night, that’s right before or after you watch your Game of Thrones or Atlanta Housewives, outline your To-Do List for the week. Any and everything you need to do for the week, create a list for it.

2. Now here is the important part, attach your task to a specific time on your calendar. There is nothing worse knowing you have a task and not making the time to do so. For example, open your calendar and create a task and attach it to Monday at 10 am. Create an alert and now you have an assigned time for that task. DO THIS FOR THE WHOLE LIST.

3. Next, this is where the discipline comes in. Do each task on its own. Do not multitask; try to set aside an uninterrupted 40 minutes to it before you move on to something else. Secret tip from me to you: exit out of all the tabs in your browser, and silence your social media. You will thank me later.

4.As aforementioned, each task should only be done for 40 minutes at a time. Remember its a marathon, not a sprint. If done correctly, 40 minutes will give you the headway you need to feel accomplished and empowered. Take a small 5-7 break after each 40- minute increment. This will break up the monotony of sitting or viewing the same thing.

5.Last but not least, after the 40 minutes has lapsed close out your task. Update your calendar with the status of the task. Then move on to the next item on your calendar.

Keep in mind..

One thing that you’ll realize is that it’s more important to have discipline and patience when creating your To-Do list. In order to succeed, you will need both to exist.

You may do the first 2 steps for the first couple of weeks and not do the rest. This is where your patience needs to come in. It’s not going to be perfect at first. Keep plugging away at it.

It will work if you work it (corny but true!).

Written by Tempestt Davis

Tech Founder of The Busy Business, Army Vet, & Wife and Mom of 3 based out of San Antonio. 15+ years of experience in Organizational Management and Project Management. With a Graduate Degree in HR alongside her PMP certification. She is currently building a Global All-In-One Hiring Platform for Millennial Freelancers.