So When Did Ray J Start A Tech Company?!

Ray J’s Company Hopes Its Brand Will Be The Tesla Of Bikes

When the name ‘Ray J’ comes to mind, tech is probably the last thing that you’ll think of. This probably explains why his tech business Raytroniks JUST popped up on my radar (and probably yours too) even a year after launching. Raytroniks creates electric bikes (Scoot e-Bikes), smart watches, and smart fans. His most popular product to date is the Scoot e-Bike.

photo cred: raytroniks

The Scoot e-Bike is a foldable, two-wheeled electric vehicle that has a Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless key lock, and the ability to charge your smartphone.

“Companies have been trying to promote this style of electric bikes for about two years now, and nobody was able to impact America,” Ray J said in an interview with Mashable.

photocred: mashable

“I first saw this kind of bike in Miami and then we did our due diligence and started studying [similar] bikes in China. Then we took the bike across the country and started to talk to tastemakers just to see if someone was already ahead of the game. But no one had ever seen [this kind of] electric bike. So after seeing the way the bike made people feel, we immediately began building the company around this product.”

Ray J started this business with no outside help, funding it with his own cash. His plans were to start the business off where it would appear as a real product rather than something from just an other celebrity with a new hobby on Insta.

photo cred: rolling out

“I don’t think people should look at it just like it’s a celebrity brand, because I’m really trying to stay in the background,” Ray J said.

Staying in the background to create unique products has worked well for Ray J. Another cool functionality of Ray J’s product the Scoot e-Bike is its Bluetooth music integration capability.

photo cred: jersey digs

“People like to ride with music, so we wanted to make sure we have the music functionality involved,” says Ray J. “So we wanted to introduce an electric bike that you can use your smartphone’s Bluetooth functionality on, most of the electric bikes out there don’t have an integrated Bluetooth speaker.”

“We love Tesla, we love Elon Musk and we want the Scoot-E-Bike to be part of that new wave of alternative transportation,” Ray J exclaimed. “We’re aspiring to be the Tesla of e-bikes.”Currently you can purchase Raytroniks products online or in brick and mortar stores in LA, San Diego, and New Jersey.

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