Sometimes You Want To Do Hoodrat, Ratchet Stuff With Your Friends, And That’s Okay

Just live your life

Every now and then, sometimes you want need to let loose.

Life becomes stressful, adulting gets boring, and just to be honest, sometimes you just need a shot or two of Hennessy because well, it’s Hennessy.

If you are like me, sometimes you focus too much in trying to portray the perfect image and don’t want to get caught up in living a life that’ll distract you from work.

However, I’m here to tell you that sometimes, you need to let your hair down and live honey. It’s okay to go to brunch and indulge in bottomless mimosas. It’s okay to go bar hopping and have clear or brown libations (or both if you are feeling froggy).


It’s okay to want to go on a trip with your guys or girls and do things that only the college version of yourself had enough guts to do.

Essentially ya’ll, it’s OKAY to bring out your inner hoodrat/ratchetness from time to time. We all work hard, so we should play hard too. As Millennials, we are still in our prime so we should be enjoying this precious time in our lives. All work and no play = someone that is stressed TF out, and I’m telling you that it’s not a good feeling and IT.WILL.TEAR.YOU.DOWN. Work-life balance is a thing ya’ll. Practice it.


Before you head on down the road to ratchetery with your friends, keep in mind of this:

  • Don’t post pictures that you wouldn’t want mama or your boss to see. Even if you  have a Snap or if your social media is private, screenshotting is real, and people will steal your photo in a heartbeat.
  • Don’t spend all your money at brunch or at the bar/club. Yes, it’s okay to live a little, but don’t deplete your savings on Hennessy for all your folks.
  • Remember, friends don’t let friends snap or post bad pictures of them. Even if the pic of you taking Ciroc to the head isn’t posted on your social media, it will not work in your favor to have it posted on your homies.
  • Take care of your business and then have fun. Remember, business comes first, and then pleasure.

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