Stunt On The Gram & Get Discounts From Your Favorite Retailers With This New App

These 3 entrepreneurs are changing the way we shop

After posting your fit on Instagram from Sunday Funday or Trap Karaoke, you’ll get some double taps, cute comments, and maybe some unwarranted attention from people sliding in your DMs – but what else are you getting?

Recently, Joshua Chestang, Trice Laquinte, and Akash Agarwal launched Threadest, a mobile app that’ll enable you to receive rewards for sharing your style.

Threadest founders (left to right) – Joshua Chestang, Trice Laquinte, and Akash Agarwal

According to their site, “With Threadest you can share your style with the world. Sharing and buying earns rewards and better recommendations. [We have] a seamless sharing and buying experience by connecting with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Use Threadest to expand your reach across your network to get more likes, hearts and shares while getting rewarded for what you are wearing.”

By being a user on Threadest, you’ll earn points everytime you upload a photo and tag the brands. These points can be redeemed for perks like exclusive discounts.

“I was on Instagram one day and because Instagram is so visually appealing you start to wonder how you get the items people are wearing in their photos,” said Chestang in an interview with Mass Appeal. “We follow all these celebrities and brands but there hasn’t been a seamless way to see what somebody is wearing and purchase it in one or two clicks. So [Threadest] was an itch I wanted to scratch.”

Using Threadest, if you see a dope outfit that somebody is wearing on the app, you simply tap the blue dot in the photo, and you can buy it in two clicks.

According to Laquinte in an interview with The Mogul Millennial, “Threadest scans your surroundings and shows pieces recommended for you in an interactive AR (augmented reality) view. We make it easy for brands and influencers to create AR experiences at their stores, pop-up shops and anywhere they can imagine.”

Since releasing the beta version of their app in November 2016, and officially launching the app in June 2017, the three founders of Threadest have learned alot as it comes to entrepreneurship and getting funding.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that Laquinte of Threadest shared with The Mogul Millennial.

Cultivating relationships with people of power is key

We recently raised $500k in funding through a private investor. It was honestly with the help of relationships that we’ve built and cultivated overtime that has helped us get to the funding place that we are at now.

Threadest cofounders Trice (left) and Joshua (right)

You won’t find those people of power by sitting on your behind

The investors and entrepreneurs that we’ve built relationships with grew from a really organic space. We met people that have invested in our business at conferences, meetups, and events. There are a ton of conferences and meetups that entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs can attend to meet people in their field. It’s up to you to find them, go to them, and network.

You’ll have to put in [extra] work for the money

Getting funding is about building relationships. Most people think that they’ll ask for money from an investor once and then the money will come, but often times it doesn’t work out like that. Sometimes there will be multiple interviews, dinners, meetings, etc. that you’ll have to attend. Being persistent and following up after these events and meetings will be key.

Be hungry not thirsty

When you are starting your business, watch out for sharks that may try to take advantage of you. Always stay firm and remember the vision for your company, and don’t let anyone or any company use you or undervalue you.

Threadest cofounders (left to right) Trice, Joshua, Agarwal

Get ready and stay ready

When you are starting your business, especially when you are pitching to investors, don’t half-ass anything. Always make sure your business plan and pitchdeck is fully prepared and detailed. When you meet with the investors, first impressions are everything.

Don’t walk in blindly

When you meet with investors, ALWAYS do your research. You should always come well prepared and know a lot about the people you are interviewing with, the company, and the types of companies they’ve invested in.

[Lastly] keep pushing even through the storm

To be a great entrepreneur you have to be resilient. Trust me, you will get a lot of “no’s” but you have to keep moving along. As long as you are resilient and consistent, you will get results.


Currently, the app is available in the Apple App store for iOS devices.