The Art of Being Yourself

When I was in undergrad I was a part of many different organizations. One of the organizations I stuck around the longest was a group called Men About Change. This group was led by a couple of strong black male figures who didn’t get paid to do work in the organization.

In the group, we would meet occasionally and talk about life skills, women, school, what’s happening in the world….pretty much everything under the sun. These discussion always brought out the best of everybody intellectually. One topic we put a lot of focus on was our futures. I will never forget some advice we were given often by Dr. Dwayne Jenkins. He always would make it point that we should consider how our present actions could affect us in the future, and how having multiple streams of income was going to put us in a better position.

As I was always told, “You work a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is by far one of my favorite sayings in life. I have found this to be true in one of my favorite celebrities. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has been on everyone’s radar ever since he broke into the world of entertainment with his first bout writing for 30 Rock on NBC. Since then he has been on a tear to make sure we remember his name. From writing, to directing, to rapping, to acting, etc. This man has made it a point to become iconic. And he did so by doing exactly what he loves to do. Glover is a perfect example of someone who is comfortable being himself while still being uncomfortable and making others feel the same way. 

Glover was recently on the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. When asked why it is that he does so much? He responded “It was more about being curious.” Curiosity in what you might ask. Curiosity if he could do it. We often shut ourselves down to the conformity of others and their opinions. However the saying goes you’ll only get as far as the people you talk to or only do as much as what you allow yourself to do. Being yourself when approaching the workforce can be hard especially when your not a celebrity or of higher status. The fear of being judged is common and an obstacle that can and must be overtook.

The art of being yourself is not an easy task especially among a judgmental work force that is constantly changing and always adding provisions. However being able to incorporate the best qualities of yourself into your career opens so many doors for you. In return, this allows you to find other means for resources and income. Don’t let the fear of being judged stop you from being great.

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Written by Johnnie (Jojo) Buck

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Johnnie is a native of Lansing, MI. He graduated from Central Michigan University, in the Spring class of 2017, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. Currently he is a radio DJ for Hip-hop based radio station, Power 96.5, in Lansing. In his spare time he enjoys reading, working out, and spending time with his family. Johnnie hopes to one day become the next, biggest correspondent for BET.

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