The Disciplines of Power Players

I find it fascinating the number of self-proclaimed experts and gurus that are emerging in this era. It seems like every single day new authorities and masters are bursting on the scene. However, I still see a considerable knowledge gap in the world. Also, I do not see the breakthroughs occurring that so many desperately need. While I am not insinuating that there is anything wrong with calling yourself an expert, I think it is important that boss and influencer do not become common words that carry no weight and significance. Simply creating hashtags and inspiring words does not make you a boss. If you want to make power moves then you must first learn the art of becoming a power player. I want to share a few strategies with you about how to make power moves in life and business. 

  1. Decide what you really want. I know this sounds like the most simple thing in the world. However, it took me almost three decades to really figure out what I wanted. I discovered that often times we live our lives in the comparison trap. The comparison trap is seeing what someone else has, coveting what they have and then chasing that thing. Unfortunately, we later discover that we still do not have what we really wanted. It is a miserable existence that so many people have settled for. In order to break out of the comparison trap, you must discover what it is that you really want. I’ve experienced lots of failure in life and business. However, my failures have served as tremendous gifts. Each failure has taught me what I did not want. Therefore, I am more intelligent in making decisions in the direction of my dreams. Identify what you do not want in your life and you will start discovering what is really important to you. Once you know what is important to you then you will start creating the life that you have always wanted.
  2. Be selective about what you give your attention to. For years, I have been telling people that achievement follows attention. In other words, your concentration will always determine what you complete. Some people have called me rude and even arrogant. However, I am a master of my time. I do not have time for any activity that does not move me closer to my goals. Therefore, every relationship, investment, and endeavor in my life requires intention. Your attention is another word for energy. Your energy must only be exerted in the areas that will elevate your life. Some people binge watch Netflix every night. However, I choose to binge read hundreds of books every year. I choose to place myself in environments that challenge me to grow. More importantly, I choose to associate with individuals that force me to level up and reach my greatest potential. Some people choose to trade time but I choose to trade attention. Therefore, I choose to give my attention to fulfilling my purpose and maximizing my greatest potential.
  3. You must surround yourself with next dimension relationships. Years ago I discovered a powerful truth that revolutionized my life. We have all heard that you are a reflection of the relationships in your life. However, I want to take it a step further. Your associations determine your achievement. That is when I discovered that nothing about your life changes until you change the company you keep. The more I worked on improving and becoming my greatest self the more drastically the relationships in my life changed. In fact, I started to attract relationships that I never imagined possible. It is as if what I was seeking literally started seeking me. My inner circle changed and my life started to increase in a major way. Some relationships are safe but they are not relationships that will shift the trajectory of your life. Surround yourself with next dimension relationships. Get around people that get your vision, understand your dreams and push you to defy your limits. You need to get around people that bring out the best in you. You need to stop hanging out with ducks and geese and start soaring with eagles!
  4. You need to commit to mastery. People read my books and see me on television and they are amazed. However, I never want people to be mesmerized with the product of my process. You see media attention and major exposure now. However, not many people saw the years of struggle, closed doors and major failures in business. The only reason that my work is respected today is because I did not quit. So many people claim to be making power moves. Unfortunately, when you study the lives of these individuals you will discover that they were all talk and no action. While others were busy trying to look important on social media, I was busy working, reading books, researching, getting mentorship and perfecting my craft. While they were playing I was busy preparing. I made a quality decision to commit to mastery in my life. Now when I open my mouth people pay attention to my message. Do not waste time looking important. Invest time intentionally in the things that will cause you to become world-class in your industry and field. Everybody wants to be distinguished but very few will develop the disciplines that will make them unforgettable. I am grateful for my process. My process is the reason I am truly able to make power moves.

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Written by Jamelle Sanders

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