The Eye of the Hurricane: Facing Problems Head-on

It is always a treasure to hear someone you admire speak.  It seems like you learn more about them and more in a general sense.  I’d like to call people I admire from afar my “mental mentors.”  My joy came when the New York Times released their interview with entrepreneur Jay-Z taking place back on September 29, 2017.  One impactful thing Jay-Z spoke on:  being in the eye of the hurricane when you have to face the issues.

Jay-Z’s latest album, 4:44, talks about his vulnerability.  The album was a response to his wife Beyonce’s album, Lemonade.   In 4:44 he tells his perspective on how this deceit led to the confrontation he was hoping to avoid all along.  It’s not helpful when you have the world scrambling to figure out what happened.

Think about it: When a problem arises, you have to deal with uncertainty of the resolution.  It can be favorable to sometimes just hold off on addressing the issue.  This is not ideal and it will hold you back from learning, growing and becoming wise to assist others. It’s best to face the “Eye of the Hurricane.”

Through therapy, hard times alone with his wife and supportive and forgiving family members, Jay Z and Beyonce worked through the troubling, and unfortunately public times in their marriage.

This article was started before the release of  Beyonce and Jay-Z’s joint album, Everything is Love and it was through their releases of Lemonade and 4:44 that they could produce this 9 track album.  There are some notable quotes to take heed but one in particular stood out:

We went through hell with heaven on our side.This beach ain’t always been no paradise.” – LOVEHAPPY

Though it looks like all glitz and glam in the media (social media for us normal folks) we go through hard times just like everyone else.  Through faith in God, we can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s amazing!  The Carters used their vow-breaking scenario to score THREE chart breaking albums and they’re now touring the world on their second On The Run tour.  People are paying this power couple to listen to their problems and to of course see a spectacular visual show.  Beyonce’s is notoriously more secluded when it comes to the media, choosing to release/confirm what she wants through her music and other platforms.  Her Lemonade album was therapy for her and Jay Z’s 4:44 was a way for him to explain the struggles he deals with as a man with no father growing up in both Marcy projects and within the entertainment industry.

Allow the most turbulent storms guide you to answers you would not have known otherwise without troubling times.

Everything is Love is a coming-together of two souls who have renewed their vows and promise to keep love alive.  This can be translated professionally as well.  When a problem arises, it’s normal to want to hold off on it to allow someone else to begin the process of figuring it out but what will that do in the long run?  No one will depend on you and you will be know for mediocre work.  Be someone who wants to collaborate to figure out solutions.  It may be difficult at first when you’re not on the same page but having mutual understanding will get you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Written by Cassandra Williams

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