The Top Responses You Send To People When They Come For You At Work

The corporate clapback is real ya’ll

One of my favorite things to do at work is to shut a hater down when they come for me. As the “get it in writing” queen, I NEVER let important conversations go by without putting it in an email immediately afterwards. From my experience, sometimes people conveniently forget when they’ve told you something or what you all agreed upon, so that’s why getting all important communication in writing is hella important.

As the clapback queen at work, I always have the perfect response for fools that try me. In the words of my new fave Tiffany Haddish “she ready” and you better believe I stay ready with my emails full of written proof and my amazing, professional way of checking people.

Because no workplace is perfect, I’m sure you’ve had to send some of the same corporate clapbacks before:


Per my last email – this is the response you send when obviously the person can’t read. If they could read, they would’ve read your last email and wouldn’t have asked the dumb question.



Let me clarify – this is what you send when you know you were good and damn clear in your last email, but obviously you need you need to break it down in a way that a toddler can understand. 



I apologize if my previous email was unclear – you know you were not unclear with your last email, but you are tired of sending the same answer for a question that has been asked repeatedly.



Please see below – since you didn’t pay attention to my first email, I’m sending this so that you know that I know. Nonetheless, I don’t have time to rewrite my entire email so you’ll just have to read my last email by scrolling below.



As I previously stated – this is me telling you I’ve already told you the same thing before. Listen Linda. 



Please advise if you have more questions – this is what you send when you know your previous email was clear, but you know they are slow so they may need some special attention.



Per our agreement or Per our conversation on [insert date] – you don’t understand why they are trying to play you like they don’t remembering agreeing to do XYZ just a week ago. So instead of being rude, you send them the good ole “per our agreement” response, include the date of when the agreement was made, and remind them of the thing that they should remember on their own without your help (you know since they are an adult and all)

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