#ThingsBlackPeopleHateAtWork. #3: Questioning Our Hair

Take notes..

If you ask me, I’m a damn good employee/coworker. I do my job, take initiative, come to work on time, and even participate in a little ‘hey how you doing, how was your weekend’ conversation from time to time although I don’t really give a mother-fudge-cake on how my coworkers are doing or what they do outside of work.

The trouble that I typically run into for socializing more than I would like to at work makes people (white people to be exact) think that we are actually friends (the type of friends that can say anything to each other). When this happens, they typically get a little bit too comfortable..

The first time I noticed this is when my coworker keep insisting that I follow her on social media even after I told her I don’t follow coworkers on my page.

The second time occurred when my coworker felt it was her duty to ask me about my personal dating life because she’s ‘told me all about hers and we are basically friends’. Sorry girl, don’t play yourself. 

The last time occurred just last week. I entered the workplace on Monday with a fiya new hairstyle and immediately began to get compliments. You know I was feeling myself, right?

Right after that, my other, non-Black coworker proceeded to ask me what kind of hair I had on my head. Bish whet?!

Afterwards, my immediate response back was, “What did you say” because the Lord knows homegirl couldn’t have been that stupid to really ask me that.

Can you guess what Miss Einstein did next?

Yep, she repeated her question in true, dumb person fashion.

Since she was dumb enough to ask me that question and because per my Lord and Savior, I have to love all people, I put my initial reaction aside and responded like a true woman of God because you know, #WWJD.

I politely told her in my nicest voice possible to not ever ask me that and it was none of her business.

After work, I chatted with my favorite GroupMe group about this nonsense and of course they were outraged. Strangely, one of person said that a White person at work asked her the same question because they wanted to know if she had “Brazilian or Malaysian hair.” TF

Non-Black people, if you didn’t know, now you know: It is NEVER okay to question a Black woman’s hair and it’s never okay to insinuate that she has a weave. Never.

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