"Unpack Yourself Appropriately, Prepared."

Hollis Beard

As simplistic as your first and last name; the reputation you earned, your humility, your obedience… simply the Laws of you that give you order. These provide consistent means to value. That reflection is visible to others, of which respect earns the proceeding word of bond. 

Redefining is not a proper thinking. Second guessing, the tools and inner-working parts, builds up nothing. Rather, a floor of broken glass of prevent your onward growth. This will continuously tests you in cycle. 

The set-back that beat you down into the struggle of doubt and the unfamiliar in the blessing you need. Set the terms of your values, morals, means, and beliefs. We loose us when we move out of our own cycle. The influences around us becomes apart of our engineering.  

The measure of your character is your reflection mirroring the strength of your pride. Weathering storms, is growth in process. Growth happens best when fed with necessity. Getting caught-up in confusion, is the conscious of troubled waters. The process of distortion to your mind, by toppling on internal growth.

Internal needs, sustained in process, are receptive and repeatable sources and resources for a cycled life. The crossing of the railroad its direction is seemingly the same- time and action. Using those elements should alert you. from what vantage point are you at; Currently on the train, looking at it pass you, or moments from seeing a sharp bright light. 

Well fed innovations – Empower your bold difference, positions an informed opinion. Being receptive to nature, willed in strong mindedness, and inclusive values, that provide structure, and order in your chaotic life.

You can sustain by maintaining.


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Written by Hollis Beard

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