What I Learned From Molly

When it comes to obtaining a promotion, it’s imperative that you prepare yourself & take the necessary steps to advance in your career.  Molly from the hit series Insecure , has been hitting her stride in season 2. Here are few things I learned from her to help me nail that promotion.
1. Keep a current list of your accomplishments-

Upon finding out she makes significantly less than her peers, Molly strategized. She began taking on more assignments and closing important deals. For example, did you recently increase sales by 50% higher than last quarter? Or let’s say you filled in for your supervisor & were able to meet crucial project deadlines. Write it down immediately. It will prove that your an asset to your employer and propel you to standout above your peers.

2. Get out of your comfort zone-

Molly tagged along to a hockey game with her colleagues. She is not a hockey fan by the least. However, by trying something new she showed her fun side & allowed herself to be seen in a different light. If your company is hosting a happy hour, just go & behave appropriately of course. You can get a chance to meet power players , share business cards, etc. Constantly avoiding the holiday party, try to attend this year. And one of my favorite, surprise your boss with coffee. Everyone loves coffee, it can open the door to other conversations.

3. Interview, interview, then go on some more interviews-

Dust off that resume, polish your cover letter & update your online presence. On her mission to earn the salary she deserves, Molly interviewed with other employers to obtain a better salary.

After her meeting with her current employer, she did not get the raise. Instead, she was given an award & spotlight on their site.  Molly now has a plethora of options to choose from. She can accept an offer from the other firms. In addition, she could start her own law firm. Return to school , get a lucrative specialization under her belt. Whatever she decides, I know that this setback is preparing her for a major comeback.

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Written by Fallon Havens

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