Year in Review: Top Podcasts in 2016 for Black Millennials

About a year ago, I released an article with my top 5 business podcasts for Millennial women of color. Since then, the number of podcasts available has increased and I have fallen in love with podcasts all over again. My podcast subscriptions is just like my music, movie, and book library. They are vastly different from each other, but yet each of them affects me in positive way. After tuning into any of the podcasts below, knowledge is received, my inspiration level is up, laughs are given, and at times, depending on the podcast, my inner savage is spoken to.

Although there are plenty of podcasts on the market, I get an indescribable feeling when I’m listening to one that I can culturally and personally relate to. Listed below, I share my top podcasts in 2016 that have affected me the most and that I can’t live without. Pull out your phone, download them, have a listen, and tweet me about it once you’re done.


1. Side Hustle Pro

Why You Should Listen:

As a 9-5 employee and side hustler, this podcast has been the podcast for me this year. Hosted by Nicaila Matthews, Side Hustle Pro shares content from Black female entrepreneurs, and also stories from Nicaila’s journey as an entrepreneur and side hustler. As Nicaila states, her podcast “teaches you how to build and grow a side hustle from passion project to profitable business.” I truly think this podcast does that, but so much more.

Favorite Episode:

In episode 26, Nicaila interviews Arsha Jones of Tees in the Trap. In this interview, Arsha dropped many gems on starting an e-commerce business, and how to get started with little funding, but a lot of passion and grit.


2. Am I Allowed to Like Anything (#AIATLA)

Why You Should Listen:

#AIATLA is a podcast by journalist pro Darian Symoné Harvin. In this podcast, Darian interviews a variety of professionals about their work, journey into their career space, pop culture, and random things that they like. I can always count on Darian to have up and coming professionals and well-established business men and women on her episodes. Each podcast leaves me with new knowledge and a ton of laughs. Sadly, Darian’s podcast is a capsule podcast and there will only be 100 episodes. Hopefully Darian changes her mind and keeps them coming!

Favorite Episode:

In episode 23, Darian interviewed Ericka Pittman, the Vice President at Comb’s Enterprises. In this episode, Erica talked about her journey into her career and her background. She also gave motivational career advice and discussed what’s its like to work for Diddy. This is literally my favorite episode on #AIATLA. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I listen to this to get my mojo back.


3. Hashtags and Stilettos

Why You Should Listen:

Hashtags and Stilettos was created by Sakita Holley, a PR professional and entrepreneur. Sakita’s podcast is full of business, lifestyle, and PR content from Sakita herself and the dope people she interviews. As Sakita noted, her podcast is like having “your own personal publicist in your pocket.” Each podcast is full of educational gems that I can easily apply to in my daily 9-5 life and in my side hustle.

Favorite Episode:

My favorite episode is number 18 with Melissa Kimble of #blkcreatives and Ebony magazine. In the episode, Melissa discussed her process as a creative, #blkcreatives, and how she is building a community through social media.


4. Myleik Teele

Why You Should Listen:

If you don’t know who Myleik is, you need to find her on social media and definitely subscribe to her podcast after reading this article. Myleik is such a gem and she always provides necessary and raw content that always seems to be “right on time” for what I’m dealing with. Myleik’s podcast is something that you can listen to over and over, and probably learn something new each time.

Favorite Episode:

It was so hard to choose one favorite episode, but since I have to choose, it would have to be her episode with Datwon Thomas of VIBE magazine. In this podcast, Datwon discussed his unique journey into journalism, and his life experiences and how it affected his professional life.


5. The Read

Why You Should Listen:

Sometimes you need a break from life and just want to relax, have a little fun, and let go. The Read podcast, hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, does that and much more. On The Read, you can catch the latest “tea” in hip hop and pop culture, hear more shade been thrown than one should be able to take, and will literally laugh out loud from start to finish. I love The Read because Kid Fury and Crissle speak their mind and doesn’t hesitate to hold back anything.

Favorite Episode:

Just like the Myleik Teele podcast, it is so hard to choose one favorite. Nonetheless, my favorite episode would have to be Holleration in this Hillary. In this episode, Kid Fury and Crissle made me laugh the entire time by discussing everything from Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton, the Kardashians, to petty moments in hip hop culture for the week.


What is your favorite podcast? List it below so that others will know!