Your Next Job Interview Could Be With A Bot, Not A Human

Mya Systems (short for ‘my assistant), is a San Francisco based company that has developed revolutionary tech. Mya has created an AI recruiter bot that can do just about everything that the average recruiter/hiring manager does: evaluate resumes, schedule and conduct applicant screenings, and even send a note to you on your first day at work, welcoming you to the company.

The Mya System can chat with applicants via computer or smartphone to ask candidate questions like: Tell me about yourself, how many years of experience do you have, what are your salary expectations, etc.

Through the Mya System, applicants can chat with Mya, and if she deems him or her a good fit to move on to the next round of the hiring process, Mya will schedule an in-person interview with the human hiring managers. If you think that is crazy, check this out: Mya can also automatically send directions via Google Maps and even offer the candidate tips on what to wear. Chile.

In the event Mya doesn’t think the candidate is the best fit for the company, Mya can suggest other jobs based on their qualifications,interview, keywords in their resume, and zip code.

Mya is cloud-based and integrates directly into a company’s applicant-tracking software. If you are recruiter or work in HR, don’ worry – the creators of Mya say that Mya will not come in and take your job. To the founders of Mya, they believe that Mya is simply eliminating much of the “busy work”.

Mya launched in July 2016 and is already being used at Fortune 500 companies in the retail, banking and consulting sectors. The founder of Mya said three of the five largest U.S. recruiting firms already use the service. In addition, Mya expects to have processed two million job applicants by the end of the year.

The company just announced that they received $11.4 million in new funding so it’s possible that with the extra funding, Mya will be able to take on more companies as candidates and assist in their recruiting process.

What do you think about Mya or interviewing with a robot?

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